Game Name: Monster & Commander

Editor: Oh BiBi
Release Date: January 14, 2016
Platforms: iOS, Android
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese

Welcome to the epic world of MONSTER & COMMANDER, a crazy game of COLLECTION and REVENGE!
Become a LEGENDARY COMMANDER and lead your army to DEFEND THE WALL!


Monster & Commander, a unique action-RPG where you build boats, control epic armies led by mounted heroes, conquer cursed lands and try to defend the wall & your cutiezens against the Lord Necrommander!

For 6000 years evil Lord Necromander waited for a way through the wall. You have accidently opened the path where he entered the kingdom and kidnapped the cutiezens to turn them into his slaves. If you ever want to see them again, you have to fight!

King Bacon, too lazy to protect his own land, has appointed you to defeat the enemy and restore peace and order. You have to build your armies to push back the invasion, conquer the castles and rescue the cutiezens.

How? By collecting over 400 monsters, heroes & squads, building them badass armor and training them to be stronger! You will explore a wonderful 3D world, full of surprises and new adventures!

Don’t forget, you’ll never be alone on this adventure! Other players will defy you: Be the last one standing!

Have you got what it takes? Can you defeat the Lord Necrommander and the groll armies? Discover the secrets of the kingdom and BE THE BEST!


  • Easy tutorial: it takes only a couple of minutes to learn
  • Use simple taps to command, upgrade and unlock
  • Follow the quests for quick level up
  • Invite friends and challenge them in epic battles
  • Join special events for extra fun
  • An offline game – play anytime, anywhere


  • Plunge yourself into the charming 3D animations full of perky characters, amusing story-telling and gleeful details
  • Accomplish exciting quests, unlock haunted castles and rescue cutiezens
  • Select from 18 races of Mounted Heroes, Hardy Squads and Raging Monsters to assemble your army.
  • Collect, Train and Upgrade 400+ cute characters
  • Enjoy a deep RPG system with 12 different elements to play and evolve your units from 1-Star to 6-Star, unlocking dozens of exciting skills and badass armor!
  • Battle against your friends to be the best commander. There is always an enemy to defeat!


  • Oh BiBi has done it again with terrific gameplay. Excited to see something new from them! This is totally different from any other game, and it has different features, very nice game!
  • A marvellous job for leaving players to take total control in the battle. Nicely done Oh BiBi!”
  • I was looking for the best offline game app for iOS. And I love it!
  • Personally this is one of my favourite games
  • Download it now, you won't regret it!
  • Couldn't give enough praise
  • Surprisingly fun and addictive game!!

About Oh BiBi

Oh BiBi develops and publishes unique mobile games thanks to the expertise of its team made of former Gameloft and Ubisoft. Oh BiBi wants to seduce millions of gamers worldwide with unique experiences, and strong emotional impact. Humour, gaming pleasure, and graphic quality are at the very heart of Oh BiBi’s work. Motor World Car Factory, Oh BiBi’s first game, was selected as one of App Store’s top 50 games.